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Dry Hands Healing Bundle

Dry Hands Healing Bundle

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Remember I gift wrap all bundles, even if this is a gift for you. Heartfelt's rule- all bundles get a simple gift wrap! This one is for your hands, includes a pair of protective cotton gloves, the wonderful hand creme from Wild Carrot called Lord, My Hands are so Dry! (description and ingredients below) and 4 pairs of plastic large gloves that I wear overnight with this lotion on when my hands are super dry. 

Truly a dermal revival, this extra-rich hand lotion soothes and repairs dry, chapped hands. Containing our house-infused St. John's Wort oil to protect skin, and organic oils of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut to soften skin, we scent this lotion with aromatic peru balsam, vanilla, frankincense and myrrh essential oils to help your hands ascend to the next level. 

1 200 mL/6.8 oz glass pump bottle

1 pair cotton gloves

4 pair large plastic gloves 

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