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The Heartfelt Story

Like to give gifts?

Looking for a special treat for yourself?

Love to find the perfect, quirkiest thing
but hate sifting through the junk to find it?


Welcome to Heartfelt

I am Darcy Lee and I'm SO here for you!

I owned a brick and mortar gift store in San Francisco for twenty years and in that time, I learned how to help my customers pick out gifts. This site is me sifting and simmering and presenting the best of the best. As my daughter, Kris explained to me “Mom, Amazon has all the stuff and you have the best stuff!” Take a moment and explore, I am here virtually holding your hand.

My turn on is helping.

“How can I help?” is a question I was often asked within the store. If I could help you surprise a friend or a cousin or a niece with something they need or want, my day was made. I have good taste.

Email me if you are stumped, my name is Darcy. info@heartfeltsf.com

The Ultimate Gift

One day when I was behind the counter a couple and their young adult daughter came in. It was a chilly San Francisco day and they were there a long time. There was something about them that piqued my interest. They were quiet but stayed in the store a long time, choosing a few things to put on the counter.

After an hour they came up to pay, I could feel the mother hesitating, I asked if there was a question. “We are here because we are clearing out our son’s apartment, he was killed in a ski accident last month and we came here because he always mentioned it as his favorite spot. We wanted to experience what he loved,” she said.

We all teared up, together.

We are not always aware of what we give, I closed the store last August and during the last few months, my customers expressed sentiments that I had no idea of and yet the trio in the chilly months from years ago are the ones that changed me forever. Often it just takes showing up and then we are taken on paths we never could have made up or imagined.

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