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Bits & Dots Pinch Bowls Set of 6

Product image 1Bits & Dots Pinch Bowls Set of 6
Product image 2Bits & Dots Pinch Bowls Set of 6
Product image 3Bits & Dots Pinch Bowls Set of 6

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When I was a kid I went to a cooking class for 4-H and the woman teaching the class, Trudy McNall, said that before a recipe begins gather all your ingredients and utensils that you will need. These wise words left an impression on me. Small dishes help with this. These wee pinch bowls are perfect! And the variety of their patterns and subtle color changes add to their gift magic. You could also set your table with these and have a condiment in them. Or give one wee dish away with a pair of earrings ... (then of course you would have to break up the set) or or....


4", 2oz

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