Bag O' (Pretend) Dirt

Bag O' (Pretend) Dirt


Do you know a child that loves to play in the dirt? But clean up is such a chore! I mean, don't we all have really fond memories of finding the joy in mud--just before someone yelled at us not to ruin our new sweater? 

Enter: Play Dirt! The unique molding compound feels almost exactly like real dirt except it doesn't get stuck under your nails, stain your skin, or ruin whatever fabric it might come in contact with. The soft, moldable feel encourages tactile learning, sensory exploration, creativity, and imaginative play. They even include three garden tools--dig in with the shovel, smooth everything out with the rake, and then pat it down flat with the spade. Hours of ntertainment for little gardeners everywhere.

Includes 1.5 pounds of Play Dirt, 3 garden tools


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