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Wild Flower Prairie Body Oil

Wild Flower Prairie Body Oil

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From Jody the owner of Wild Carrot


The Zumwalt Prairie is just up a very rough road from us and is the largest bunchgrass prairie left in North America. The plant community there is vast, raptors soar, the elk graze, wild flowers bloom, and ranchers and conservationists work together to maintain the beauty and serenity of this special place. Our Wildflower Prairie Body Oil is made in honor of its many unique inhabitants. 

The wildflowers grow close to the ground on this vast, exposed prairie, and while we never harvest from this tender area, we do incorporate the botanical wisdom found here, infusing arnica, yarrow, elderberry, St. John's Wort and ponderosa pine needles in extra-virgin, organic olive oil. Using hemp seed oil grown locally, rose hip seed oil and a sprightly, refreshing blend of essential oils, we hope you'll feel the wind and the embrace of the mountains, and bask under the endless sky.

From wild places and wild plants, with love, to your wildly beautiful skin.

150 mL/5 oz glass pump bottle

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